Instructions Booklet







PIERCARLO ABATE, Instructional Design

BACKGROUND: In case of natural disasters the Department of Public Safety Driver License Division can ensure the continuity of its services through the deployment of mobile processing units.

THE ISSUE:  Field officers reported that the instruction booklet did not have illustrations and also that it contained some information that had no practical use.

THE SOLUTION: For the revised booklet I implemented the following steps:

  • I put together a focus group of novel users and asked them to complete an operation from the original booklet.
  • This approach allowed me to conduct a needs analysis, identifying common misunderstandings
  • I then created a new version of the booklet on Adobe Illustrator.
  • I submitted the new version of the booklet to a different group of novel users. This step allowed me to evaluate my prototype.
  • The result was a more efficient booklet that was user friendly and contained accurate images.
  • The booklet is available also in a mobile friendly format