PIERCARLO ABATE, Instructional Design

Campaign Poster


Part of a state campaign to address employees' code of conduct in Driver License offices.

Visual Aid


Developed for the Austin State Hospital Education Department aimed to increase clients attendance to classes and activities.

Instructions Booklet


Developed for the Department of Public Safety employees in order to assembly and disassembly mobile units.

Peer Support Video


A collection of interviews to Peer Support specialists from the Austin State Hospital about struggle with mental illness.

Driver License office scenario


A completely in house produced training  scenario for employees on how to handle suspected human trafficking situations.

Employees Training Plan


A training plan developed in order to  diminish  the new employees current high turnover rate.

Change Management


This training plan offers an approach that supports workforce to increase knowledge and ability to adapt to change.

New Employees Orientation


A revision of existing training modules used for the new employees orientation.

Impact Texas Video


A collection of videos and Captivate presentations aimed to teenage drivers.

Intro to tablet use


Texas Driver License Office is  implementing the use of new tablets. This video shows the advantages with the new system.

Learning Modules



Intro to Visual Content


An excerpt from presentation

about Visual Content, developed using Adobe Captivate.

Unicef Mentorship Programme


A stand-alone presentation in order to advertise a newly developed mentoring initiative

Case Study: Coca Cola brand


This case study presentation introduces the learners to the evolution of Visual Content through the analysis of the Coca Cola brand

Address Change Video


Instructional video, available of Youtube, It answers customers' common questions about Driver License issues.

FTP and API presentation


A presentation that introduces to the basic concepts behind   File Transfer Protocol and Application Programming Interface.